Tree services are special services dedicated to the care and maintenance of trees. You can call a tree services company for a variety of jobs, from cutting a tree down to planting new trees on your land.

One of the tasks that should be delegated to a tree services company but might not be is one that seems easier than it really is: tree trimming and pruning. Even if you have trimmed or pruned your own trees in the past, you should stop doing so and have your tree services company do the work instead, and here are reasons why.

1. You don't know if your trees are diseased or not

Why do you need to trim or prune your trees? Are they uneven? Are you wanting to get more fruit production out of them? Are you trying to get rid of thinning or dying parts of the tree? If you have a tree services company come out to assist you, you can be better prepared to tackle the issues your trees might have that you may not even be aware of. If your trees are diseased and need more care, at-home trimmings and pruning won't do much good; call a tree services specialist before doing any work on your trees to see what they really need.

2. You don't know if you're doing it right 

Each species of tree has its own shape that it forms naturally, and the way tree services trim and prune trees is related to what the tree actually needs shape-wise to thrive. Even if you know what type of tree you have, you may not know if it needs to be trimmed in an umbrella style, or if it would benefit from being thinned on top, underneath, or right in the middle for maximum growth.

The same can be said for your fruit trees. You shouldn't be pruning your trees for height and fruit growth alone, you should be pruning these trees for maximum tree health and production and to also ensure the tree will thrive into its blooming and fruit season. If you trim or prune a tree incorrectly, you risk potentially damaging the tree or at least keeping it from reaching its full height and thickness.

Tree services specialists examine each tree they treat before doing work so each tree gets custom care. Have your tree services specialist treat your trees every season to keep them in their best condition. Learn more by visiting websites like