Has your tree stump become an eyesore that you don't want to deal with any longer? If you're wondering whether to try removing it yourself or call a professional, remember that professionals typically have powerful equipment that can help them complete the job quickly and easily. Here are a few types of equipment that a tree stump removal company may use on your stump.

Excavation Equipment

The first step in loosening a tree stump's hold on the ground is to dig out the soil from around its base. And what better to use for this than an excavator or backhoe? Professional equipment can remove large quantities of soil from around the stump in relatively short periods of time. Removing all that dirt by hand would be a much more laborious process.

Cutting Equipment

Simply digging out all around the tree stump isn't enough. Trees send dozens of roots into the ground, some of which can be both very long and quite large in diameter. Since digging all the way to the end of the root would be unfeasible, tree removal typically involves digging down a bit below the ground and then cutting the large roots.

For this, your stump removal company requires cutting equipment, such as chainsaws and axes. Large roots typically can't be cut through easily with just digging equipment.

Towing Machinery

Once your tree removal experts have located and severed the largest roots, your tree stump will likely still have smaller roots enmeshed throughout the surrounding soil. This is where towing comes into play. Your contractors may use a chain around the stump, connect it to hauling equipment such as a tractor, and simply pull until the rest of the tree's attachments give out.

As you can see, this step requires heavier equipment than an average homeowner may have. Not everyone has a tractor or backhoe sitting in their shed. And the larger and more powerful the tractor is, the more quickly and easily the contractors can remove large stumps.

Hauling Equipment

Once the stump is out of the hole, the contractors should load it up and remove it from your site. To carry the stump away, they'll likely need a large trailer, truck, or another hauling vehicle. In addition, depending on the company, they may include cleanup services, which include removing all the mess and loading any vegetation and root pieces up with the stump on their truck or trailer.

As you can see, even one stump removal can require a variety of heavy equipment. Contact your local stump removal expert today to learn more about the process of having your stump professionally removed.