Tree and shrub care for your landscape is not simply a matter of trimming. Any landscaper can do this type of work. What you need for your property is a comprehensive approach to taking care of your trees and bushes. The following are a few things that a full-service lawn care company can do for your property.

1. They can provide nutrients

Each species of tree and bush requires a certain type and amount of nutrients. It is not simply a matter of water and sunshine. A full-service landscaper will make sure that your plants are getting the proper nutrients to flourish. This may mean fertilizers, but there are other ways to deliver nutrients to a particular tree besides fertilizer. Knowing when a particular plant needs special attention, is something a full-service company can provide.

2. They can provide pest control

Many tree-trimming companies will come out and cut branches and trim your bushes, but they will do nothing to keep your shrubbery pest-free. There are certain insects that can attack your trees, so it is important that prevention is used. The first step is to understand the species of tree. Certain trees are more susceptible to infestation than others. On top of this, there are other types of infestation besides insects, such as fungus. All of this requires knowledge of various shrubbery and what each is susceptible to. Preventative measures can be employed along with treatment when needed.

3. They can perform proper trimming

The proper trimming of trees and bushes is both a matter of technique and knowledge. Certain trees and shrubs do not require a large amount of trimming, and those that do, need to be cut a certain way, so they are not damaged. The proper technique applied to the right branches will not only keep your tree looking good, but it will encourage growth. If someone without the knowledge of your trees just cuts away at them, it can hurt the tree and reduce its lifespan.

4. They can take care of your lawn

A full-service company will also take care of your lawn. Sometimes, a property owner will have one company that cuts the lawn but call another company to trim the trees. A professional company that offers full-service landscaping will be able to cut your lawn and provide the additional services of keeping your lawn healthy with nutrients just as they do with your shrubbery.

It may be tempting to call a company to cut your lawn on a regular basis, then call a company occasionally to trim your trees and bushes, but it is better to call an expert company for both. In addition, they will offer the professional service of pest control and plant nutrition. Call a full-service landscaper for all of your needs.