If you have an old tree stump in your yard, then you might think that you can just let the stump rot away naturally. While this does work, it might not be the best solution. In many cases, hiring a contractor to grind out the stump is a better option. 

Why should you use stump grinding services rather than letting your stump rot away on its own?

1. Tree Stumps Are a Safety Hazard

Tree stumps increase the risk of accidents in your yard. For example, someone might not see the stump if it is surrounded by grass. They might trip over it and hurt themselves.

Or, your children might like to play on the stump. However, it becomes more dangerous as it rots. If a child jumps up and down on the stump, it might collapse and injure them.

2. Tree Stumps Attract Pests

As wood rots down it becomes more attractive to pests. They often like to live in damp and rotting wood.

If you leave your stump to break down naturally, then you're more likely to have unwanted pests in your yard. Some of these pests might affect other plants or trees in the area.

Plus, if the stump attracts termites, then they could build a nest in the wood. They could ultimately target your home if they are close enough.

3. Tree Stumps Develop Fungal Infections

Rotting and unhealthy wood is more likely to develop fungal infections. You might not care if the stump gets infected. After all, an infection might get rid of the wood faster. However, these infections can spread.

Some airborne fungal infections might spread to other plants in your yard. They could compromise healthy trees, for example.

4. Tree Stumps Increase Your Yard Work

If your tree stump sits on your lawn, then you'll spend more time gardening. You can't mow around a stump easily, especially if it still sits above ground level. So, to keep things tidy, you'll have to find other ways to clear grass and weeds from around the stump.

Tree stumps can also suck nutrients out of the ground until they finally die off. Other trees and plants in your garden might not get the nutrients they need if they are close to the stump. You might need to fertilize them or give them supplements more often.

If you grind out the stump, then your lawn becomes easier to mow. It will be flat and even again. Other trees and plants will thrive naturally, and you won't have to spend time making sure they have the right nutrients. Your yard will become safer, and you're less likely to have pest problems.

To get started, talk to local stump grinding services.