If you want to clear some trees from your property to let more sunlight shine in your yard or so you can build a shed, talk to a tree removal company about how to proceed. Your first step should probably be contacting your city to see if you can remove the trees. Some trees are protected, and you may not be allowed to remove them unless they're sick or injured. Once you have the approval to remove the trees you want gone, the tree removal company can plan how to go about the job. 

Young Trees

Young trees can often be cut down at the base as long as there is enough room for the tree to fall in your yard without landing on anything. You might even be able to cut down small trees yourself if you can handle a chainsaw and feel comfortable doing so. However, trees can sometimes be unpredictable in the way they fall, so it's often best to let an experienced tree removal company do the work.

Mature Trees

Mature trees can also be felled by cutting near the base, but you need a large yard to do so safely. If you have a typical city lot, the tree removal company will probably need to cut the tree down in sections starting at the top. The sections can then be moved to a truck to be hauled away.

The crew will probably cut away smaller branches first before moving on to the trunk of the tree. Smaller branches may be fed into a chipper on the spot and turned into mulch. When finished, all of the tree except the stump should be removed from your property.

A mature tree can be cut down by climbing into the tree or working from a nearby tree, but the work can also be done from a crane. The tree removal company may bring a crane to your property if they determine there is enough room for it and that it can get close enough to the tree.


Stumps from young, small trees can often be dug out with a shovel or pulled out. If you want a stump from a mature tree removed, the tree removal company will probably bring a stump grinder to your property to grind the stump away.

You don't always have to remove the stump, so if you want to keep it for some reason, you can save some money by leaving it in your yard or eliminating it yourself with chemicals. However, it can take a long time for a big tree stump to wear away, which is why grinding is usually the best way to deal with tree stumps.

Contact a local tree removal company, such as MIB Tree Service, to learn more.