A tree care service can come out to take care of your trees on an ongoing basis. They can tend to things like pruning, trimming, and making sure the trees are healthy. However, there's another reason why you might want to call out a tree service, and that is for tree removal. You can learn about three common reasons why many homeowners have trees removed when you read this article: 

1: The tree interferes with the landscaping plans 

A lot of people find they have one or more trees in their yard that interfere with the plans they have for their landscaping. A tree may be in a space that the homeowner wants to use for something else, or where they want to have empty space. A tree may just be the wrong kind of tree for the new landscape. 

2: A tree's growth is or will cause problems

Sometimes trees are planted in a spot because the person who planted them didn't realize how large they would grow. However, if you have a tree in your yard that's too close to something, then it will only get closer as it continues growing. This can cause a lot of different types of problems. Tree roots can grow into the plumbing and sewer lines. A tree's roots can also grow into other troublesome areas, such as into the home's foundation, under the driveway or walkway, into the edge of the home's roof, and even into the built-in swimming pool. It's much better to hat the tree removed as soon as you realize there may be a problem in the near future. 

3: A tree might be creating more work

There may be a tree that's creating more work for the homeowner. A tree may be a fruit tree that's going to be leaving fruit on the ground. Fruit on the ground can cause more pests to come on the property, including rats and raccoons. The homeowner may not want to worry about picking fruit and cleaning up the fruit to keep the yard looking good. There may be a tree that creates a big mess in the yard for months each year. If not raked up regularly, the grass can die. There may be a tree that drops sap on the vehicles. This sap needs to be cleaned off right away, to avoid paint damage. 


The above examples are just some reasons why trees are often removed from a property. If you have issues with a tree in your yard, call a residential tree care service to help out.