There are so many good reasons for having a tree extracted. Some reasons for tree extraction can be obvious, even to those who don't have extensive knowledge of trees. However, there are many other reasons why trees should be removed that it will likely take a tree care specialist to recognize. Here, you can learn about some of those obvious reasons for having a tree removed, as well as some that might get by you. Here is more on this: 

Some of the more commonly known reasons for tree extraction

A tree is dead - A dead tree is a tree that is no longer getting nutrients and moisture. It will become brittle and weak. This is a tee that is at risk of falling or having its branches snap off and crash down, causing damage and injuries. When a tree has died, the best thing to do can be to have it extracted before anything ends up happening. 

A tree is unhealthy - In many cases, an unhealthy tree can be brought around with the help of a tree care specialist. However, in many other cases, trees will get to a point where they are past the point of no return. When it is obvious that a tree is in such bad shape that it's going to end up dead, then the best thing is often to have it extracted soon so you can avoid the increased risk of having the tree cause serious problems in the near future. 

A tree endured storm damage - A serious storm can cause bad damage to a tree. Things like excessive winds and even lightning strikes can damage a tree, which causes it to become dangerous to anyone and anything near it. For example, a lightning strike can cause excessive damage to a tree that immediately poses a threat to anyone and anything near it. In this situation, the tree should be extracted as quickly as possible, and the surrounding area should be secured until the removal can take place. 

Some lesser-known reasons for tree extraction

A tree is growing in a bad spot - You may think a tree is fine if you don't see it touching something, like the roof of your home. However, there are a lot of other ways the location of a tree can be problematic. A tree care specialist will know what to look for regarding this type of situation. They can let you know if the tree has a root system that's going to pose a risk to anything from the pipes in the yard to the integrity of your swimming pool. Trees in problematic spots should be removed before they start causing major problems. 

A tree has problems that aren't visible - A tree care specialist will know how to spot issues like interior decay, a bad fork or crotch, or an infestation of pests. These are just a few examples of problems that should be remedied with the extraction of the tree. 

Trees are too crowded - Trees need a certain amount of space for the roots, as well as the crown. A tree care specialist knows how much space there should be around the different species of trees so they won't be crowding each other. If there is crowding, then some trees should be extracted to ensure the remaining trees will have enough space.