Whether you are out in the woods camping or spending some quality time in the backyard, there is nothing that will ruin the fun faster than mosquitoes. The tiny insects are irritatingly noisy, and they leave behind painful bites that itch and hurt for hours. Even worse is that some mosquito types can transmit deadly fevers and other diseases. It is best to find ways to eliminate these blood-sucking insects immediately you notice they are forming an infestation. Here are the top three tricks to help you manage an infestation. 

Eliminate Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes love standing water. They lay eggs and breed their larva till it matures into full-grown mosquitoes. The presence of standing water in your yard will give them a home. The insects also tend to reproduce very fast. You can have swarms of them within a short time if you do not eliminate their breeding spaces. You should assess every corner of your yard for standing water and drain it. The insects can breed in small water reservoirs like bottle caps, and container lids with rainwater can be valid breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

Eliminate Bushes

It is also wise to consider removing shrubbery around the home when dealing with the mosquito menace. The shrubs also form breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. The entire local mosquito population could be showing up in your yard if you aren't keen about pruning the fence and shrubs. Also, ensure you mow the lawn and maintain short grass to discourage breeding and hiding spots. Additionally, you can speak to an exterminator about the mosquito-repelling plants. Your landscaping expert will help you plant repellents like marigold, basil, pepper, and lavender around the yard to keep them away. 

Invest in Traps

The best way to control the adult mosquito population is by investing in different traps. The most effective traps emit carbon dioxide, which is the gas that attracts mosquitoes to humans. When it releases the gas, the mosquitoes fly to it. They get sucked into a mesh-like material where they become dehydrated and die. You can ask the exterminators whether they have these devices with them. They will recommend the best in the market and help with installation.

The best way to handle mosquitoes is with the guidance of experienced exterminators. They will help you eliminate the insects both in the larva and adult stages. Call them today and start enjoying comfortable outdoors free of the menace.

For more information, contact a mosquito removal service near you.