Tree stumps can cause many problems for an urban landscape. This is why homeowners often choose to remove them after having a tree removed. You can remove a tree stump along with roots, or you can grind a tree stump out of the ground. The two processes are very different, with different results, so many people are unsure which is best for them.

Although the stump grinding process removes less of the stump than the stump removal process, there are several reasons why people might choose it over stump removal.

Stump grinding takes less time

Removing a tree stump in its entirety requires a lot of digging and manual labor, often with the use of excavation machines. Because of that, stump removal takes much longer to complete than stump grinding does. Stump grinding uses a relatively small grinder to grind out the stump to just below the surface of the soil. The roots connected to the stump remain in place, which makes the process faster.

Stump grinding is useful for people that need to plan to use their landscape soon after tree removal.

Stump grinding is less invasive

Complete tree stump removal takes up a lot more space than stump grinding does. This is because tree root systems often extend far beyond tree canopies. So, the digging process can take up a large area of a property in order to complete the full removal process. Stump grinding only affects the area directly around a tree stump. This means you can leave the surrounding area undisturbed.

Stump grinding is a good option if you don't want to disturb the land immediately around a tree stump.

Stump grinding provides a large amount of wood mulch

For avid gardeners, the stump grinding process is great because the grinding process produces wood chips. This is especially true when a person removes a mature tree and its stump. Gardeners can then use those stump grindings to decorate their yard or help their plants to grow in the coming growing season.

Stump grinding leaves a smaller hole

Both the stump removal process and the stump grinding process produce large holes in the ground. However, the stump removal process produces a much larger hole than the grinding process does. After stump removal, you have to fill these holes so that the area is level. This takes time and effort. With stump grinding, you'll not have to spend so much time and effort filling the resulting hole.

For more information, contact a stump grinding service in your area, such as Tree Landers.