Would you like to keep your yard looking attractive? You will need to trim your trees occasionally. Besides aesthetic reasons, trimming also helps prevent hazards like tree limbs abruptly falling off. However, tree trimming services can be expensive, as it costs $460 on average. How do experts arrive at this cost? They consider the following:

The Number and Size of the Trees 

Most tree service companies will charge you per tree, with the cost varying depending on the size of the tree. Therefore, you will pay less for a small tree and more for a large tree. Besides, large trees tend to be tall and with more twigs. They will, therefore, take a considerably longer time to prune and will demand more labor.

Additionally, taller trees require heavy-duty equipment, which will further add to the trimming costs. According to a tree company, there are three classifications of a tree: small, medium, or large. Usually, each company has a unique height chart that they will use to calculate the cost. Since companies charge trimming per tree, the cost will be high for many trees and lower for a few trees.

Extra Services

Extra services like limb disposal will increase the cost of the service. Additionally, if you need emergency services, you will end up paying more than you would have paid if you had scheduled the trimming service ahead of time. Extra services will always increase your costs.

Pests and Diseases

How healthy is the tree? The health and stability of a tree are directly related. A tree with pests and numerous diseases tends to be weak. Thus, in the event of strong winds, it can easily fall. During trimming, a weak and unhealthy tree puts the climber at risk. Thus, the expert will employ additional precautionary measures to ensure they are safe as they trim, which will cost more.

Having pests on the tree also influences the cost. For example, wood-peckers tend to live in dead trees. Thus, they cause further damage and make the tree unstable. Hence, trimming a tree infested with pests will cost much compared to trimming a healthy and stable tree.

Call in an Expert 

By understanding the factors tree experts consider when calculating tree trimming costs, you can make better decisions when seeking trimming services. For starters, you can choose to handle the limb disposal rather than contracting the company. However, don't attempt DIY trimming to reduce expenses, as you could end up spending twice the trimming fee. Remember to seek a professional tree company for your tree trimming.

For more information, contact a tree trimming service in your area.