Do you have a swimming pool on your property with trees close to it? If so, you might not view the trees as a huge problem. However, there are several reasons it makes sense to consider tree removal. Some of these reasons pertain to safety preventing property damage. Nearby trees can also be a nuisance and interfere with fully enjoying your pool experience. The following points represent a few reasons to consider a local tree removal service for your pool area.

1. Potential Damages from Tree Roots

Tree roots grow towards water sources. Nearby trees may be attracted to your pool, which is a plentiful water source. The activity going on underground may not immediately be recognized. As the roots grow, they can disfigure the pool's shape as they protrude through the surface materials. This issue can eventually lead to the tree roots pushing through and damaging the pool, which is not an easy issue to fix. A tree removal company can determine if the tree roots are already growing near your pool. 

2. Potential Dangers from Dying Trees

Some diseased trees do not show external signs that they are rotting or dying. These trees pose a threat because they can fall into a pool or nearby and cause injuries to individuals in the pool area. Another potential threat is that the infected tree(s) could fall into the pool and cause damages. 

3. Potential Critter Problems 

Certain types of animals live in trees. These critters may make your pool area uncomfortable, and some of them may have diseases. Squirrels and birds are two types of animals that enjoy dwelling in trees. Birds may unwittingly leave droppings. The clean-up can be time-consuming and the droppings might contain bacteria that could make your family sick. Squirrels may also carry diseases that could put your family in danger. Tree removal can reduce the chances of these animals entering or hovering over your pool area.

A tree service is a good resource to use to learn more reasons tree removal could benefit you. If you do not want to remove the trees, they can routinely inspect the health of the trees. This is a measure that can ensure safety, which is important for you, your family, and guests. You might also want to consider a tree removal and tree location. This would allow you to remove your tree(s) and get them safely replanted elsewhere.