Trees are an essential part of your home's landscaping. They provide naturally shaded spots where you can relax and read a book or enjoy another leisure activity on your own. They also increase the value of your property and keep the air around your home fresh. However, trees also need a lot of care as they grow. Tree care includes manuring, mulching, pruning, and even spraying the leaves with insecticides when they show signs of sickness. 

Trimming is one of the essential parts of general tree care. Only professionals should handle tree trimming because you might make mistakes that will do more harm than good when you do it yourself. Here are three signs that you need to call a tree care professional for tree trimming services. 

When the Tree Is Sick

Typically, trees shed their leaves in autumn. It is a biological process that helps the trees conserve their water and energy during a season with little sunshine for photosynthesis. During this transition, some trees also turn red, yellow, or orange. However, if you notice excessive defoliation during the other seasons, your tree could be sick. Typically, disease-triggered loss of leaves will be accompanied by twig blight. If you observe a whitish coating at the back of your tree leaves and they start falling off prematurely, you could be dealing with diseases such as anthracnose, apple scab, and cedar rusts. 

Trimming can stop the disease from spreading because the tree care expert will focus on the sick parts of the tree and leave the healthy ones untouched. 

When the Tree Extends Over Powerlines

It is very dangerous to have trees extending over powerlines near the home. Typically, you cannot tell how much the tree will grow when you plant it and how it will spread. However, as it gets more expansive, some branches can extend over powerlines, causing short-circuiting, creating fires, and even leading to fatalities. Call in a tree service professional to trim trees. Remember that if the trees are already extending over the powerlines, they need a person that knows tree safety to handle them.

When a Storm Damages the Trees

Storm damage can leave branches of your tree hanging dangerously over your property. It creates a liability because a falling branch can break a window or hurt someone. Trimming eliminates this problem.

The essential thing is to call a tree service expert to trim your trees. They have the right safety tools and will help you restore the beauty and safety of your property.