If you usually take care of your own landscaping, your trees might not have had professional service for a while. Routine pruning and trimming are things you can handle on your own. But, more serious tree problems require professional help. Unfortunately, many homeowners postpone tree service until it's too late. When that happens, sometimes the only viable option is to remove the tree. That's the last thing you want to see happen. Take a look at your trees. If you recognize any of the problems described below, call a professional tree service right away. 

Your Tree Has Visible Damage

If you have a tree with visible damage, it's time to call for professional help. Obvious signs of damage include broken or missing limbs. But, there are other signs of damage you might not be aware of. Some of those signs include cracks, or splits in the branches, and holes in the trunk. If you see any of those signs, your tree needs help. Without help, your tree may develop a disease, or die. 

You Can See the Root System

If you have trees in your yard, it's important that you inspect the soil around the base. When your trees are healthy and well-nourished, you shouldn't see any roots. When you see roots, it means your tree is searching for a new source of water. Sometimes, you won't see the roots coming to the surface. But, you will see the soil heaving. Heaving is when the soil rises up around the base of the tree. The mounds that develop during heaving are roots trying to make their way through. If you see exposed roots, or signs of heaving, contact a tree service right away. Your tree could be at risk for collapse, especially during strong winds. 

Your Tree Has Reached the Power Lines

If you have tall trees, you need to pay attention to the canopy. This is especially important if your trees are growing near power lines. The top branches of your trees should never reach the power lines. If they do, you're at risk for a couple of problems. First,  the trees could catch fire. Second, if the trees come down during a storm, they could bring the power lines down with them. If your trees' top branches have reached the power lines, call for service right away. Your trees need to be trimmed. 

You Can See Discoloration

If you've noticed discoloration in your trees, they may be trying to tell you something. During the fall, foliage will change color. That's part of the natural tree process. But, if the foliage is changing color before fall, there's a problem that needs to be addressed. Call a tree specialist as soon as possible. Your trees may be diseased, or infested with bugs.