If you have trees way off in your backyard away from everything, caring for them is not quite so important. Sure, you may want to have a tree company come trim away the dead branches every few years, but that's about it. Trees that are a few feet from your home or deck, on the other hand, demand a bit more care and attention. Here's why.

Dead branches on a tree close to your home can break and cause a lot of damage.

If a dead branch falls off a tree a few hundred feet from your home, nothing bad is likely to happen. But a dead branch on a tree closer to your home is risky. It could snap off and fall on someone who is walking under the tree, or it could blow off in a storm and go through your window or land on your roof. Having to repair a roof or window due to branch damage is costly. A tree care company can come remove dead branches from your tree before they get the chance to cause any injuries or damage.

Damaged trees can attract bugs and insects.

If your tree does have some dead branches or some deteriorating wood, it can soon start attracting insects. Many of these insects, like carpenter ants and termites, are not ones you want anywhere near your home. (Termites can chew right through your home's structural beams within months). Keeping your trees well cared for helps keeps insects away from your home so you're less likely to have to call the exterminator.

Damaged trees reduce your curb appeal.

If you let a tree go too long before you have its deadwood trimmed out, then it will look quite ugly and uneven when you do have it trimmed. Annual trimming appointments are best to keep your trees looking even and presentable. And this is really important for the trees right next to your home since they affect your home's curb appeal. If you ever decide to sell, you'll get a lot more for your home and have an easier time finding a buyer if it has an attractive appearance — and that includes the trees in the yard.

The closer a tree is to your home, the more important it is to care for that tree. Have a tree care company come out once a year for trimming and other basic maintenance. You won't regret it.

For more information, contact a residential tree care service.