The desire to start gardening is something that you may have discovered after moving into your home. However, you may know that your backyard is not well-suited for gardening in its current state. Removing a tree or two may be the change that yard needs. Here are some signs that you should consider calling a tree removal service.

Too Much Shade 

While looking at details for gardening, you may find that a lot of the plants you are interested in growing demand full or partial sunlight to grow well and stay healthy. Once you pick out a spot for the garden to go, you may need to invest in tree removal to eliminate shade in the area.

An overhead tree is one that you will almost certainly need to remove to bring full sunlight to your garden, but you should also take a look at tall trees nearby. In some cases, these trees are tall enough and positioned in a way that they may block the garden from the sun for a few hours of the day.

If you do not want to make the decision to remove a tree on your own, you should not hesitate to enlist help from professionals. A tree service expert can help you determine whether shade will be a serious concern for the success of your garden.

Overgrowing Roots

When you do not plan on using raised garden beds, you will want to watch out for root systems of nearby trees. For instance, a nearby tree that is not in the direct path of your garden could have an expansive root system that will cause immediate problems.

If you do not want to start digging deep into the ground throughout the entire garden area, you should work with professionals to determine whether you have any expansive root systems nearby. Getting rid of a tree to keep root issues from happening will help you look forward to gardening more.


A tree that produces a great deal of debris in the form of leaves, seeds, and flowers can make a mess of your yard while also damaging your garden. In the early stages of plant growth, you do not want to underestimate the potential for a bit of debris to cause major health complications.

Keeping an eye on the whole area where you intend on gardening for several weeks or months will help you figure out whether debris from nearby trees is a legitimate concern.

Tree removal from a professional company, like Baumann Tree, can give you peace of mind to start a garden in your backyard.