If you have a tree you want removed, you'll need a plan for getting rid of the stump too. There are different ways to remove a tree stump, but grinding is a popular method since it's easier than pulling a big stump out of the ground. Here's a look at how stump removal by grinding works.

Grinding Is Appropriate For Most Stumps

There are some cases, such as removing a tree to put in a pool, when the tree stump is easier to remove with a backhoe. In the case of putting in a pool, the stump can be dug out along with soil when digging the pit. Most of the time, you don't want to disrupt your yard with a backhoe, so grinding is the better choice for stump removal.

The machine used for grinding is compact enough to fit through a standard fence gate. You can have a stump ground away if it's in your front yard or a fenced backyard. It is even possible in some cases to grind away a tree stump that's up against a fence or other structure without damaging the structure.

Stump Grinding Cost Is Based On Stump Size

Grinding can be done on small stumps and be finished in a matter of minutes. It's also possible to grind away a huge tree stump, but it might take a couple of hours to finish the job. Grinding is appropriate for all tree sizes, and the cost of the job is usually based on the size of the stump.

You Can Choose The Depth Of The Grinding

It may be possible to choose how deep you want the stump to be ground up. It might save you some money if you only want the stump removed a few inches under the ground. However, you might not be able to grow grass or anything else in the area unless you have the stump ground away to a depth of several inches. By deep grinding the stump, many of the roots are also removed, and this makes it possible to plant grass or flowers in the spot.

You Can Use The Wood Chips Left Over

The wood chips created by grinding up the stump are usually pushed into the hole to fill it up. If the tree stump was large, there might be more chips left than needed to fill the hole. The tree service might haul away the chips for you, but you can also use them for mulch around your property. Just keep in mind that an old, decaying stump can harbor termites, so you don't want to use mulch from an old stump too close to your house.