Soon, the weather is going to change, and you are going to be ready to start landscaping projects. To get started, you will have to deal with undoing the sprinkler system winterization and troubleshooting sprinklers for problems to know repairs that need to be done. The following sprinkler troubleshooting guide will help you with these tasks.

1. Test the Connections and Backflow Prevention Devices After Connecting Sprinklers

One of the first things to do to your irrigation system is to reconnect everything after winter. This includes connecting the water supply and backflow prevention devices. Once you have everything connected again, check for leaking connections and make sure the backflow prevention device is working correctly.

2. Check to See That All Timers and Sprinkler Control Systems Are Connected and Working

Check to see that all the timers and controllers are correctly installed. If you have weather stations and other things connected to your irrigation system, these features will also need to be connected and tested to make sure they are working correctly before you start using your sprinkler systems.

3. Look for Damaged Sprinkler Heads That Need to Be Replaced Before Connecting Using the Sprinklers

The sprinkler heads of your irrigation system can be damaged due to causes like lawn equipment, winter damage, or wear. Therefore, when you are preparing for spring and troubleshooting the irrigation system, look for damaged sprinkler heads and replace them before turning the system on. Turn the irrigation system on and look for signs of damaged sprinkler heads that need to be replaced when doing repairs before spring.

4. Test the Irrigation Lines of Your Sprinkler Systems for Leaks That Need to Be Repaired Before Spring

Lastly, you will want to test your irrigation lines for leaks that often happen when there is water left in the lines during winter weather. The leaks can be seen where there are soggy areas of grass or soil, as well as in places where there is greener grass or weeds growing. You can also have a sprinkler repair service test for leaks and repair any lines that are leaking before you start using your irrigation system this spring.

These are some tips that will help you with troubleshooting your sprinkler system to get your landscaping ready for spring weather. If you have found problems with your sprinklers, contact a sprinkler repair service like Noble Tree Service Inc. to have repairs done before you start using your irrigation system.